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AnyLock™ –Slide & Seal

* Coming Soon to India

Reliable, Efficient, Storage Helper (Patented Product from Korea)

Innovation In Your Kitchen, Lock In Freshness

New and innovative way to protect and store fresh foods in the refrigerator, around the kitchen and when travelling.

  • Seal in original freshness of fruits and vegetables.
  • Keep the crispiness of your leftovers hips and nuts.

All you need is AnyLock ™. Just insert the yellow tip of patented AnyLock ™ sealer between the folded top and slide. Locking freshness has never been easier. AnyLock™ is a long and slender rod that enables ANY plastic bags to be made airtight with a simple slide-in operation. Plastic bags containing pickles or liquids, tiny grains like sugar or moisture-sensitive dried food like potato chips can be easily made airtight. Anylock is strong and durable, making it suitable for repeated use over extended periods. This product is available in different colours and sizes.

Opened plastic bags are generally fastened by elastic bands, wire twists or clips. However, this troublesome process provides inferior results. Some plastic bags offer zippers, but crumbs can get stuck in groove and they don't always close properly. Anylock surmounts these problems.

Anylock's extensive success is mainly due to the unique sealing rods that provide airtight, watertight and odour-tight seal, ensuring that the bag contents are kept for longer while containing smells of troublesome foods such as fish, onions and even durians. The bags themselves are made from a super tough nylon poly material and, therefore are totally water-proof and 100% reusable.

Anylocks can also be used to seal any other bags such as breakfast cereals, powder drinks, biscuits, snacks, rice, sliced bread, once opened. AnyLock™ is the flexible, new alternative to rigid plastic storage containers. This revolutionary sealing device doesn't take much space, and provides maximum convenience and results, whether it's in kitchen, living rooms, during outdoor activities or while travelling.

Seal Any Plastic Bags with AnyLock™

AnyLock™ - Perfect Airtight Sealing Rod for Snacks and Foods to make your family happier with love Features

  • Simple slide-in operation to seal
  • Light, space-saving stick made from polypropylene
  • High performance sealing protects contents from moisture. Also available for liquid
  • Durable & made for repeated use
  • Air-Tight
  • Water-Tight
  • Odour-Tight
  • Lightweight
  • Convenient
  • Saves space – No more bulky plastic containers
  • Flexible
  • Portable
  • Multi-functional
  • Economical
  • Ultra tough (Durable)
  • Reusable

How To Use

Simple and perfect sealing device AnyLock™

Step 1- Fold it Fold the top plastic bag
Step 2 – Insert it Insert the yellow tip of Anylock sealer between the folded top
Step 3 – Slide it Gently slide on Anylock sealer across the bag
Step 4 – Check it The bag is sealed when Anylock stops sliding
Step 5 – Slide it Back to Release Slide the sealer backwards to re-open

Ideal for:

AnyLock™ Sealer & Special Bag

  • Store Fruits and vegetables for long-lasting freshness
  • Odourless storage for meat and fishes
  • Store for small personal items

AnyLock™ Sealer & Ordinary Plastic Bag

  • Reseal at the portion of bags for leftovers
  • Reseal anywhere you desire
  • Reseal to retain crispiness of snacks
  • Reuse original bag to keep smell and taste
  • Reseal deteriorative items with moisture such as flour

Product Size Composition: 285mm (1pc), 225mm (1pc), 185mm(1pc)