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Triple Stem Cells™ Snow White Perfect 10 Foam Cleanser

* Coming Soon to India

A healthy skin begins with a clean skin !

Today’s hectic lifestyle coupled with hot humid weather and polluted environment put lots of stress on our skin and are detrimental to our skin. Dirt and sebum secretions can clog our pores and cause skin problems . It is therefore very important to start our skin care regime with a clean face using a facial cleanser that is mild and yet effective in removing all dirt and make up. Clean skin will ensure that all other products applied will be effectively absorbed ..

In the past, skin cleansing comprise of 2 steps ie make up remover follow by facial cleanser. Phyto Science has developed Snow White Perfect 10 Foam Cleanser after years of research and trials utilizing combination of German and Swiss technology.

Phyto Science Snow White Perfect 10 Foam Cleanser provides gentle yet effective cleansing leaving skin feeling clean yet moisturized and refined.

The Snow White Perfect 10 Foam Cleanser transform from liquid to a creamy foam by the uniquely designed foam pump. The sulfate free surfactant are mild to skin and eye and impart a soft and smooth after feel. All traces of oil, dirt and makeup such as foundation, mascara, eye liner and lip-stick can remove in one step.

The Snow White Perfect 10 Foam Cleanser not only thoroughly cleansed the skin but it also enhances skin radiance, minimizing the appearance of pores and helping to protect the skin’s moisture. PoreAway reduces the appearance of pores, fights shininess, blemishes and clogged pores. Revolutionary Snow Algae and PhytoCellTec™ Triple Stem Cells synergistically nourish overall skin wellness to the skin surface for healthier and younger looking skin.

10 benefits:

  • Cleans, cools and freshen skin
  • Soap free formula doesn’t dry skin
  • Grape seed oil to moisturize skin
  • Fast spreading and absorption leave skin with velvety after feel
  • Rejuvenates and protects skin
  • Firms and tones skin
  • Purify skin , removes make up and impurities
  • Enhances the skin barrier function
  • Improves the skin density
  • Visibly reduces the appearance of pores

Key ingredients:

Snow Algae Powder

Mibelle Snow Algae Powder was awarded the Winning the 2014 European Anti – Aging Skin Care New Product Innovation Leadership !

Snow Algae Powder is based on the extract of a unique algae that is able to grow on glaciers and permanent snow. In these extreme environmental conditions the snow algae stimulates the longevity gene Klotho and activates AMPK, which is a master sensor of cell energy. Through the se stimulation and activation, improvements are achieved in the the skin cellular defense, oxidative stress resitance , cell detoxification and repair ; leading to fresher , detoxified and more youthful skin


Based on mastic, an aromatic resin coming from the bark of a tree that grows on the Greek island of Chios, PoreAway tightens dilated pores. Clinical studies conducted on Caucasian and Asian women with dilated pores and impure skin showed that PoreAway tightens dilated pores, refines the skin grain, reduces imperfections such as comedones and microcysts, and reduces skin oiliness. PoreAway can thus visibly improve the quality of the skin by refining its texture, reducing cutaneous imperfections and improve skin radiance.

PhytoCellTec™ Argan

Argan trees grow only in the south western part of Morocco. Argan stem cells is the first cosmetic active with proven results for protecting and vitalizing dermal stem cellsare able to revitalizes and protects dermal stem cells . Tests shows it reduces wrinkles by 26%, tightens and tones skin and increase skin firmness and density

PhytoCellTec™ Alp Rose

The alpine rose grows at very high alititudes in the Swiss Alps and can adapt to very harsh weather. Phytocelltec Alp Rose protects skin from environmental stress by increasing skin stem cell vitality, boosts epidermal regeneration and improves the skin barrier function

PhytoCellTec™ Malus Domestica

The first cosmetic stem cell in the world , pioneered by Dr Fred Zuelli and patented by Mibelle Biochemistry which won the BSB Innovation Prize for the Most Innovative Raw Materials Naturals is globally known and proven as one of the most effective anti aging active in the world today

While it protects the longevity of skin stem cells, it also increases the vitality of skin stem cells and combat chronological aging