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Ved Dibo™ Healthy Sugar Management

Ancient wisdom Meets Modern Science™

Ayurveda a wellness system that originated in India over 5,000 years ago, Ayurveda is one of the oldest wellness systems in the world, and the Sanskrit word Ayurveda (Ayu mean life and Veda means Science), so literally be translated as "The Science of Life."

In the Ayurvedic tradition, optimal wellbeing is achieved by bringing all aspects of the person into balance, so that we can reach our fullest potential. This goal is accomplished by harmonizing the physical body, the mental body, as well as the person’s environment relationships, lifestyle choices and more.

We offer wellness and healthy sugar management product that harness the wisdom of Ayurveda, and enhance that wisdom using modern scientific techniques. We bring together traditional Ayurvedic technique as well as top medical and scientific experts. These experts work together to create transformational product Ved Dibo™.

Ved Dibo™ is an ancient proven Ayurvedic research product that is formulated intelligently. We utilized the expertise of the world’s top Ayurvedic physicians and pharmacist to enhance the formula of Ved Dibo™ by using 19 powerful and rare herbs, with Suryatapi Shilajeet and enriched with Gold Bhasma. These unique ingredients work together synergistically to help manage healthy blood sugar level in a safe way and by toning up pancreas to generate insulin adequately that eventually keeps you fit.

Ancient Wisdom Meets Modern Science™

We bring together traditional Ayurveda experts as well as top modern medical experts and scientific technique.
These experts work together to create transformational product.

A Powerful, Synergistic Blend Of Ancient Herbs And Botanicals:

Indian Vijak (Pterocarpus Marsupium)

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Suryatapi Shilajeet

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Swarna Bhasma

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Emblica ( Amalki Ghana)

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Gudmar Ghana (Gymnema Sylvestre)

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Haridra Ghana (Curcuma longa)

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Giloy Ghana (Tinospora Cordifolia)

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Java Plum Ghana (Eugenial Jambolana)

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Aegle (Belpatra Ghana)

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Why Ved Dibo is a Unique product ?

  1. VedDibo™ is a unique product that works efficiently in managing diabetes in a safe way.
  2. VedDibo™ is formulated by adding isolated potential herbal phyto-chemicals with other concentrate unique herbs
  3. That are works synergistically by toning up pancreas to generate insulin adequately and optimized glucose metabolism that eventually keeps you fit.

Key Benefits

  1. VedDibo™ is exert insulin like action
  2. Promotes pancreas to produce more insulin.
  3. Regulate lipid and glucose metabolism.
  4. Reduces insulin resistance.
  5. Increases the uptake of glucose by the cells
  6. Prevent Micro – Vascular damage
  7. Offers great relief to those on insulin.
  8. Prevent diabetic retinopathy
  9. Control blood sugar effectively with Zero side effects
  10. Reverse diabetes naturally
  11. Protect body from diabetes and its complications


  1. Preservative-free
  2. Antioxidant-rich
  3. Natural ingredients
  4. No animal by-products
  5. Gluten-free
  6. GMP Certified
  7. Halal Certified

VedDibo™ effect on HbA1c


Direction for Use

For better results take 2 tablets twice daily preferably 15 - 20 minutes before meals. It should be taken on empty stomach with warm water.